Same ‘O Weekend?

Weekends can be a drag when you have a lot of things going on. The image below was so relatable because it happens almost on a weekly basis. Well, the original post might have been relatable to all, but this particular one seemed to be edited in a way that was more relatable to teachers, hehehe. Well, regardless of the original post or this edited one, adulting is not easy.

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Well, this weekend reflected what was in the image itself. Of course it’s nothing new these days since assignments have begun to come in as submissions. It’s good that I managed to clear the latest assignment over this weekend seeing how I would have new ones coming in starting tomorrow. Though only 6 files, each file has different components that make up one heck of a learning journey by my students, and one heck of marking. In some ways I am looking forward to marking their file to see how much they have grown since the beginning of the internship, not to mention the end of that marking would mean one step closer to semester break!

Sometimes being a teacher is fulfilling, but there are times when it’s mundane, with teaching, marking, teaching, marking, more teaching and more marking, hehehehe~ Still, despite it being mundane, getting through the marking within a tight timeframe, well, it could be seen as having that bit of challenge among the mundane, hahaha! πŸ™‚ Well, one more weekend down as we move closer to the end of July and the beginning of August~

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Exercise Regime

fitness kids

We all know exercise is great and a consistent exercise is good for our health in general, but it’s easy to say it but not so easy to do it till the point where it’s part and parcel of one’s life, like breathing. I do know of some who exercise whenever they free stressed out, and I do know of some people in my life who can’t live without exercise; meaning, if they don’t exercise they actually feel lethargic. I don’t understand that to be honest, hahahahaha, because I would be skipping exercise if I’m lethargic. :p But I have to say, recently, I am enjoying that ‘high’ after the workout. It was hard while doing and the muscles are burning but the after effect was something that I never thought I would like. I used to like it, but I wasn’t very much aware of it to really think it through or reflect upon. Perhaps age has caught up to me to a point where I go, “Yep, I need that exercise and it’s actually not that bad”.


I do do exercise like walking, taking the stairs and occasional cardio and HIIT. But recently have started on a new type of exercise regime and I hope I don’t lose that momentum with the new exercise regime that I’m beginning – since I realised I start to lose the momentum when I go on vacation, since then I would be stopping my regime and just replace everything with walking. But I’m definitely sticking with the new regime that currently I’m 2 weeks in and still feeling pretty good about it, since it’s something really expensive but seems to be quite motivating. I supposed when you spend a lot of money on something you want to make it worth it, hahaha! Not the right type of motivation but still, you have to start somewhere? :p It’s nice to actually look forward to doing a new set of exercise after I finish the one I was tasked to do, since it’s sort of tailored for me by a personal coach base on how much I can exercise per week (about 4 times); so it’s not something that I need to get to it every single day, but pacing myself with the different dates set. It seems to be working because recovery days are important for the muscles, in between work-out days. It’s the first time I actually do my exercise with a personal coach (even via online methods) with Attitude Fitness. But it definitely does help (evenΒ  though it’s just 2 weeks in) with someone to guide you through the workouts and feedback what to look out for, how to change up the form (or weights or number of reps) so it’s better and more effective, what are the areas to work with and what other bits of nutrition is needed for muscle repair, recovery and building.


The nutrition plan was more difficult to follow through since that would mean meal prepping, which doesn’t really work if I don’t have the time to prep the meals in advance or if there are meals that requires more time to prep or more parts to prep; and there are more than 1 meal a day to prep so it’s really dependent on my schedule on how closely I can stick with the plans. So far, it’s pretty decent and not too shabby since breakfast and lunch were pretty easy to prep. And really, it comes down to whether or not I have the time to prep or how much time I actually have, since the ingredients are relatively easy to get and prep. Well, so far it’s been pretty good and shall continue on this consistent stride. Who knows? Maybe eventually I may get to a point where it’s just as easy as breathing and feel lethargic when I don’t exercise? Hehehehe…

In the meantime, shall keep it going with the exercise regime. Well, sleep is important too among all other things to consider, and I think I do need to catch up more on that. πŸ™‚


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Mid-Week Chillin’

Since it was a ‘free day’ on my schedule due with no class, meeting or interview; and I had some errands to run, I decided to take Telecommute so that I could run the errands and also start marking on the assignment that was delayed. Goal to complete – complete marking of that assignment by this week, which actually is very possible.

With the errands completed, I had time to spare to work someplace nearby; hence I decided to spend some time in the quaint cafe hidden at a corner, called Two Bakers. It was my first time visiting it since I hardly venture to this part of the island; and it’s just silly to go to my usual cafes at other parts of the island when I’m already there. When it comes to making the most of the little time we have to do as much as we can, transitions are to be kept at a minimum, hahahaha~

The cafe itself was cozy and not really big, and it was a different design than what was around the cafe (industrial and older buildings). It was like a breath of fresh young air within an area that has been around for decades. It says something about how a space and feel can be transformed just like that, and that sense of time both types of ‘feel’ can make an area unique. The interior design was mostly wood with drawings of local and childhood memories on the wall, which brought a sense of familiarity and comfort to local patrons stepping into the space. And seeing those pictures on the wall may also let other patrons have a glimpse of what SG is all about.


Sitting there while enjoying a cup of coffee and a local-inspired mille crepe was relaxing; and the dessert itself was yet another concept of ‘old meets new’. It was local-inspired dessert because it has the flavours of a local food, Mee Jiang Kueh (ι’η…Žη²Ώ), which is a simple pancake with peanuts filling; but paired with the idea of mille crepe, which was perfect because mille crepe cake is made of many slices of crepe which was essentially very thin pancakes. The patisserieΒ (a Le Cordon Bleu Paris trained chef) who came up with the idea managed to give the usual mille crepe a Singapore local spin to it that worked well together. I’m actually excited to try other dishes but the timing isn’t quite right for lunch or dinner, hehehehe~ πŸ™‚

20190717_145635Mee Jiang Kueh flavoured mille crepe cake – a local inspired dessert with the right amount of sweetness and cream to it

20190717_150944.jpgA regular 7oz cappuccino, nothing outstanding about it, but it had just the right amount of acidity for my palate, though it could be stronger in terms of aroma and body

It was a lovely Wednesday afternoon spent in the cafe catching up on some work, and it’s a place that I would gladly bring my overseas friends to visit when they’re here, or for me to come back here again if I have the time, the means or I’m around the area. The lack of wifi meant I had to rely on my data, since I had to check emails and do some stuff online (aside from marking). Probably not a good place if one needs access to the internet to do work. But the lack of wifi also meant that it’s a perfect little place to sit and chat with friends, or just to escape with a nice book – which I have 4 waiting back home for me to begin. πŸ™‚


Two Bakers Cafe Address: 88 Horne Rd, Singapore 209083

Captain’s Ball

captains-ball.jpgIt’s been more than 10 years since I last played Captain’s Ball. It was nevertheless a nice way to bond with colleagues on the court, sweating it out while playing a friendly game of Captain’s Ball with other colleagues from other schools. It was a fun game, I think we did great and managed to score 3 goals against a team with all members about a head taller than all of us, hahahahaha! Short of height does make a difference in offence and defence?

It wasn’t so much of a goal for us to want to win, since we were more about enjoying ourselves through the process. And just like how a colleague put it, we train once a year for this inter-school game; on the actual court itself. HAHAHAAHHA! πŸ˜€ Hence, it was a fun game for us to just try our best to work together in the game. It was also heartwarming to have other colleagues cheering for us from the sides. Despite the loss, we had a great time bonding over meals after the competition, which, in my opinion, was a much better way to spend our time together.


Despite having done some form of exercise (and not an entire couch potato), it’s different having to run back and forth non-stop in a fast-pace game with a ball involved. Stamina is important I feel, aside from height; to be able to change one’s direction (left and right, back and forth), while changing one’s level (bending, crouching, stretching, jumping etc.) continuously requires stamina to keep up, and perhaps agility too. Ultimately regardless of the results of the game, we played to have fun and not to win the prize; hence it was a fun evening and it made Monday felt like a Friday… though I’m not really sure if that was a good thing, hehehehe. The highlight of it all was the bonding over dinner thereafter with other colleagues and our directors (former and current, with our former director coming to support us too); we don’t really get much opportunities to dine with them, which I guess makes it extra special in some ways~ πŸ™‚


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Weekend Office

weekendOffice over the weekends is really quiet and conducive to work. Hence, this was what I did since I had to be back in school for camp activities. It was rather productive as I managed to finish my slides for next week; though I would have preferred if I had something to mark. But it was beyond my control since the submission is after the weekends. But imagine if I had the submission before this weekend at the office, I might have been able to complete the marking across both Saturday and Sunday. Hehehehehe… it’s a lovely thought~

The rest of the time was spent chilling and relaxing with the accompaniment of air-conditioning, which can be fickle over the weekends. We were rather lucky to have had the air-condition working on a Saturday. I’m not too sure about tomorrow since it’s a Sunday. It was also a good time to start writing warm fuzzies for the camp. When I first heard of the term many years back when I first started taking over the portfolio of Student Development, I was uncertain what it meant, but it’s like a collection of thank you notes from others to someone; to show their appreciation and thanks that sent that warm and fuzzy feelings in the heart. Such a lovely gesture! Years later, it’s still something that will put a smile on my face just thinking about it. ❀ Warm fuzzies never fail to warm my hearts when I receive the fuzzies from others; and also when I write for others because it’s individualised and personalised, so it’s very targeted to the specific people receiving it, not to mention it’s extra special if it’s handwritten, if time permits, hehehehe. It’s a lovely and comforting gesture as it tells someone else how much you’ve appreciated them, and just to send some love along their way. With quite a number of warm fuzzies to write, I was glad that the quiet office provided that space for me to do so. πŸ™‚

Weekends is a time to relax, and some may argue that one shouldn’t be heading back to the office on a weekend. Normally I would agree to it if I don’t have to be back; and if given a choice of course I wouldn’t want to go all the way back just to work. But since I have to be back anyway (and if it’s for camp with students I really don’t mind), it’s a perfect time to catch up on some work and then do my relaxation stuff at the same location; since time itself is rather flexible, especially over the weekends. πŸ˜€


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Pain and Pleasure. Both of it I felt during the 30 minute neck and shoulder massage. It was a once-a-semester affair where we would hire a mobile massage team (a social enterprise) made up of masseurs with visual impairment who are trained in the techniques of massage, to give us some R&R opportunities. And I’m always grateful for the experience, and awed by their skills. πŸ˜€


That massage gave me that 30 minutes of pain and pleasure, a mix of both since my muscles were aching from the weights (hence the pain), and it helped loosen the knots (pleasure). I never knew I had knots on my hands until the masseur pressed on the point between the thumb and index finger at the back of the palm. It sent a sharp pain through my entire hand itself for a split second. Sometimes there had been moments when the thumbs would feel weak when holding stuff, but I never really put much thought into it until this very moment when I felt my hand gave way and went limp for a second because of the pain. It wasn’t because I was hurt by the masseur (but probably the built up of stress and usage of keyboard, mouse and phone), but I believed the muscles in those areas have been continually strained without much relief that when being pressed down hard, it was unbearable. Think of a bag filled with cream; if you suddenly add pressure to the bag and squeeze it, the bag’s going to split and the cream will flow everywhere. Hahahaha, weird analogy but it makes sense.

body knots

Ultimately it was a blissful 30 minutes even though there were moments when I had to squeeze my eyes shut or gritted my teeth to hold back from groaning due to the pain. Because the pleasure that followed was well worth it… and for most parts I was enjoying the warm sensation on my shoulders and neck enough for me to close my eyes and relax my body. The masseur did a great job loosening the knots on my shoulders and neck though they have been what I would consider as ‘old injury’ that was sustained and remained sustained for the past 10+ years or so.

After the 30 minutes, I could feel how much more relaxed my shoulders, neck and arms were; not to mention it really helped with elevating the muscle ache and relieving some of the tension that I felt on both my arms (triceps and biceps). Now I wish I could have done something to my legs to ease the muscle ache on my thighs, hahahaha… Well, the exercise certainly activated muscles that I never thought I had or hardly use, hence the aches. Hopefully I can recover fast enough to put back sufficient movement for the upcoming Captain’s Ball game that I’ve somehow got ‘volunteered’ into, hehehehe~ But right now, thinking back to the massage just makes me want more of the massage… and I am definitely craving for a nice hot stone massage session~ ❀


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Rare Days

Rarely do I get a full day of nothing planned on my calendar, zilch, nil, zero, empty… whatever you call it. And today was one of those days. It’s really rare seeing how my July is full of service-learning projects, camps, meetings, internship visits and of course lessons. Yesterday was a full day of internship visit and service-learning projects implementation all the way into the night. Perhaps that’s why today was an empty day.


It’s kind of unnerving to get this sort of rare day, because you’ll then need to find things to occupy the time rather than already have things waiting for you to complete. And time flies faster when you’re occupied without having to worry what to do next, which as much as I complain, I prefer not to want to wreck my mind thinking of what to do to occupy my time. But alas! Because it was a free day, the entire day was mostly spent on doing administrative work like attendance, or going through some prep work for mentoring and familiarising myself with the upcoming camp which would be from Friday through Sunday. And in between I had moments where I would think, “Okay, that’s done… what else is on the to-do list to be completed?”Β 

relax at work.png

Sometimes in the midst of all the hectic work to do (meetings, assignment markings and all), I would wonder and wish for rare moments like these when it’s all relaxing and I have nothing on my list to complete. But when it really happens I feel bad for being the one among the rest who has not as much stuff to catch up with. Gosh, what a dilemma it is. Well… the free day is pretty much ending by the time I’m finished with this blog (Yes, I’m writing this in the office with about 15 minutes to spare before my working hours officially ends). Seems quite a fitting way to end a rare day, blogging about it when things are pretty much done for the day. Well, all that’s left is to apply for some upcoming conference after this blog entry post and I’m all done for the day. πŸ™‚

Goodbye my Rare Day~ Tomorrow shall be the return of a ‘non rare day’, which means there are things waiting for me to do that involved service-learning project grading in the morning, a lunch date and shoulder massage in the afternoon, and ending the evening with one last internship meeting. Probably I should cap the day off tomorrow with some nice tea or coffee at night, it’ll be quite a treat! πŸ˜‰


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An Impromptu Dinner

‘Bread Street Kitchen’ was delicious~ πŸ™‚ It was an impromptu decision to go all the way to Marina Bay Sands (MBS) for our dinner. Since it’s been here a few years back, I have yet to try it, and well, the location itself speaks volume of the amount of $ we had to pay for our meal. It was sort of expected… especially if it’s opened by Gordon Ramsay. I’ve tried Jamie Oliver’s restaurant at Vivocity, ‘Jamie’s Italian’, when it first opened, so it makes sense to also try the one that was opened by Gordon Ramsay, which was Bread Street Kitchen. πŸ™‚ We each had a main and shared a dessert since the two of us had the mentality of, β€œSince we came all the way here, why not try the dessert too?” It was a lovely dinner of Fish & Chips, the Impossible Burger and an interesting dessert that was Rum Cheesecake with Mango Sorbet, paired with a pot of Mango Apple Tea.

bskBread Street Kitchen @ MBS (interior)

I once had a chance to visit Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant when I first went to London quite awhile back. It was called ‘York & Albany’. I still remembered that day as if it just happened. After shopping for long hours we were starving and decided to take a London cab (to try it out) to York & Albany because it was raining. The cab fare was a little pricey, but we managed to arrive at the place rather quickly (since we were starving) and were seated at the table instead of the bar. The french onion soup back then blew my mind and till now I could still remember how it tasted like. It was my first time trying french onion soup, and since then I have yet to taste another one that was as delicious as it was. The steak at York & Albany was also amazing with half of grilled garlic, adding more aroma to the charred-flavour of the steak. Bread Street Kitchen gave me similar vibes to York & Albany because of the way it was being designed – bar and restaurant concept, and with some space for Alfresco dining. So the whole entire restaurant gave off the smart, casual relaxing vibe, rather than one that was really high-class and needed a proper dress code.

York & Albany + Savoy Grill – both of Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurants in London

The 2nd time I tried something by Gordon Ramsay was a few years later before I had to return home from studies. Compared to York & Albany which was more of a bistro type, ‘Savoy Grill’ was much more high-class; and the food was just as delicious though the ambiance was definitely more sophisticated. I wouldn’t be able to forget how the interior design of the restaurant looked like, or how the food tasted. It was definitely a good way to end our journey in London, and to be honest I do miss the food there even till now. London has offered me many opportunities to taste delicious (and expensive!) food from celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay, and Michel Roux Jr. So I was definitely glad to not have to fly over and could try something by them from the comfort of my own country, though the price is still pricey, but perhaps less pricey since it’s not in Pounds, hahahahaha! πŸ˜€

Bread Street Kitchen (BSK) was a nice place to spend our Saturday evening, and even though we didn’t make any reservations, we were able to be seated at the table instead of the bar as long as we vacate our table by 8pm, which actually gave us plenty of time to dine. The staff was friendly and the service was good. We only found out later that we needed to place orders for bread 2 hours before if we want to buy any of their bread back, since the chefs need time to bake those bread in-house. And I was really tempted to try their Beef Wellington since Gordon Ramsay is known for his Beef Wellington, but the price (and portion) made that temptation diminished. Perhaps I need to go back again with someone who eats beef so we can share the Beef Wellington in the future? Nonetheless, the Fish & Chips I had reminded me of the ones I had back in London – where the batter was thin and crispy (not thick and floury), with chips that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I loved the pairing of the mushy peas even though I don’t like peas; but what’s Fish & Chips without mushy peas? Well..the mushy peas were definitely better in London… BSK’s mushy peas could have been mushier and creamier (and a larger portion) to bring out more of the natural sweetness of the peas, but still it was delicious. Some say it was overrated, or nothing too stunning; but that’s debatable since it’s Fish & Chips. No matter what and how you cook it, it’s still Fish & Chips, you can’t get too fancy or different if it’s still Fish & Chips, unless you change the fillet you used. But I would say it definitely tasted fresh; the fish was big and they certainly did not use dory! Which was a plus point for me, since I had a fear of Dory after eating it for 4 years while I was a pre-school teacher. The fear of Dory is real and very much on-going till now, hahahaha!

le gavrocheLe Gavroche by Michel Roux Jr. Best (& most expensive) Fine Dining Experience ever πŸ™‚

roux.jpgRoux at Parliament Square by Michel Roux Jr

Would I go back to BSK again? Yep, probably for the Beef Wellington since it’s something that I want to at least try once in my life, and hopefully it’s the Gordon Ramsey’s recipe. Not to mention I’ll be totally over the moon if I can meet him in person at BSK. It was a pity that Gordon Ramsay didn’t appear in person that day when we were there, hahahaha~ Well, I hear he comes here once a year only, so one has to be super duper lucky to chance upon his visit while dining at BSK. Well, I saw him in person when he came to Singapore years back to do some hawker challenge with the local chefs, so that’s still pretty nice. And I also caught Michel Roux Jr. in person during one of London’s Food Festival years back and witnessed him cooking up grilled lobster with garlic butter and chips on the spot, hehehehe. Although it would have been perfect if I could have met Michel Roux Jr when I dined at his main restaurant, ‘Le Gavroche’, when I went back for my graduation. It had more of the possibility of meeting him at his main restaurant as compared to the other one that I dined in which was ‘Roux at Parliament Square’, hehehe. Oh well~ πŸ™‚

Come to think of it I’ve already tried 6 restaurants by 3 different chefs in total; 1 by Jamie Oliver, 2 by Michel Roux Jr. and 3 by Gordon Ramsay. Wow, that’s pretty extensive! If one were to ask me which one is my favourite, I wouldn’t be able to answer because they have different styles of cooking and types of cuisine. But the most memorable one would have to be Chef Michel Roux Jr.’s Le Gavroche; because I had to make reservations 3 months before the date of our meal, and we had to really dressed up in order to enter the place, plus it’s a french cuisine menu that is a very elegant cuisine. Perhaps I should do a blog entry on Le Gavroche, just to relive the memories of it again. Gosh! I want to go back there once more if I can! ❀ πŸ˜€

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Power of Imagination


A lovely dinner with a few colleagues and students brought some relaxation time to our mid-week earlier this week. And along came one of the colleague’s son, who brought us so much fun, joy and laughter. Through that dinner and dessert time thereafter, we were all amazed at his energy level, but more so, was his power of imagination.

The power of imagination is a force that is necessary and powerful. Without it, life is mundane and boring. And perhaps as adults, sometimes we forget about the simplest thing like ‘imagining’. Throughout the dinner the kid shared with us a land where it exists beyond the closet of Narnia; meaning it was all in his head and imagination. But it doesn’t make it any less real than any actual location on Earth. It was called ‘Boys’ Land’. πŸ˜€ It may not have been real in our context where it’s a physical geographical location, but it was as real as it was in his mind as he shared with us the different rules of Boys Land, the different laws, the people living in it, the visitors who can visit the land.

It was so enjoyable listening to him that we wanted to go, but we can’t, because we’re not boys. HAHAHAHAHA! πŸ˜€ That’s the #1 rule of Boys’ Land where only Boys are allowed to live there. If anyone else wants to enter, they need to have 3 things: A valid driver’s license, a car plate (not even the car) and they need to know how to drive. So Girls live in Girls’ Land but can visit Boys’ Land if they have all 3 things above, and not any less. And visitors can only stay in Boys’ Land without a visa for 12 days, any more than that one will get punish by Boys’ Land’s law and thrown in jail for 25 years. It was strict (because the punishment was longer than the visa itself, and we weren’t expecting 25years) but makes so much sense, because there are countries where it allow visitors to stay there without visa but only for a period of time.

And to get to Boys’ Land from anywhere else, one will need to drive there, but to go to Girls’ Land, one will have to walk. To be honest I was unable to picture the geographical location of the distance between Boys’ Land and Girls’ Land, whether they exist at the same location but far apart (E.g. North and South side of the island) or are they are different location (E.g. Island A and Island B). But it didn’t really matter because he had it down to the details of how to arrive at both Lands.

It was amusing and enjoyable when we played along about visiting Boys’ Land; telling the kid about scenarios and see how he responded and reacted. For example I asked him, “Can I enter Boys’ Land if I have a valid license, a car plate and can drive a car?” In which he responded, “Yes.” So I continued on with another question, What if on the 12th day I exit Boys’ Land and then can I come back in again to extend my stay for 12 more days?”Β And his response was a short pause and he said, “Yes, that is okay. But you cannot bring a friend in. The friend must also have the driver’s license, the car plate and know how to drive, if not your friend cannot enter with you.” So apparently, Boys’ Land is very strict with visitor’s policy where having all 3 things meant you have a passport. Anything less would be considered ‘no passport’ hence no entry… Hehehehehe, how cute was that! πŸ™‚


What made all of us laugh was among our group there was a male student and he asked the kid if he can enter Boys’ Land and what was inside Boys’ Land. The kid’s responses caught us off-guard and we broke into laughter when he replied, “Yes, you can enter because you’re a boy. You know what is inside already because you’ve been there.” It was such a quick response and such an honest one where all we could respond was with laughter because of how innocent that was, not to mention how much sense it made! Of course the male student could enter! And of course, because it’s the Boys Land, so he must have been there! πŸ˜€ Among the rest of the conversation we had with him, his knowledge and depth of the rules and regulations of Boys’ Land was most impressive; so much so that we wanted to visit if possible – the different places inside, what sort of things we could see and play in… Even for 12 days, I think that’ll be quite an adventure? πŸ˜€

The evening didn’t wind down after dinner and Boys’ Land since we decided to grab dessert, which was an ice-cream but Hokkaido Butter flavoured. It was delicious as we sat around the almost empty playground. And once again, the kid’s imagination took hold. And it was adorable seeing him play at the playground in his own make-believe play and including us in his play because of all the rules he set with us and how we should respond to him. From starting his sentences with “Guys”, he changed to “Ladies” when the male student excused himself for awhile, hehehehe… And how the kid would have different roles for us when he plays ‘King of the Playground’ – About how he would address us, and how we would react (E.g. counting 1,2,3,4 when he raised 1 finger, to clap when he raised 2 fingers, only the ones he tapped a.k.a assigned can assist him and cheer, and all to applause after he finish his speech). It was a fun moment playing with him, when the more we applause the more we fueled him in his imaginative play without his energy level depleting, hahahaha! πŸ˜€


His power of imagination amazed us, and it made our whole evening extra memorable and fun. Well, seeing how all of us are Early Childhood trained, we definitely enjoyed the company of a kid and were all willingly playing along to all his imagination and games. And it does make me think about our power of imagination when we were young and compare to as we grow older… perhaps over the years as we grow older it has slowly diminished. But as much as we are bound by the rules in life or things we need to do, spending time with this kid was reflective; more specifically on how we should never forget the power of imagination, or to forget how to imagine and play make-believe. Because as much as the world we create in our minds are not real, it is real enough to serve as a platform for us to escape when things get a little tough, for us to immerse ourselves in a world where it makes us laugh till we cry, laugh till our tummies ache and our cheeks sore, to fully enjoy the power of relaxation when we allow ourselves to let our imagination take flight! Play is a powerful tool, and so is Imagination. When we combine both Imagination and Play together, we create something wonderful~ ❀


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Medals for Life

After 2 CPP classes and watching the same video twice, I can’t get the saying out of my mind. Actually when I first heard it while going through the teaching content, there was that impact. But to extend it further with a class of students and relating it to them, makes it retain in me more.

It was something about career guidance and it was spoken by Minister Ong Yee Kung, and it goes something like this: “Academics is the bronze medal, Capabilities is the silver medal, EQ (Emotional Quotient) and human relationships is the gold medal, your philosophy and world views is the trump card.”

And it makes a lot of sense! πŸ™‚ Let’s break it down…


Academic is important, just like the bronze medal. It’s sort of the stepping stone in order for us to get to where we want… in some ways the minimal to achieve in terms of medals wise. I would be lying if I said academics is not important, because it is, whether we want to admit it or not. But it’s not the most important.

Academic is only one part of it. Our capabilities is also important, actually more so, as they are what we can do, how far we can go, how much further we can improve ourselves. Hence, dubbing it as the silver medal. It’s no use knowing all the knowledge but not being able to apply it; since application is about understanding and to truly know what you know, one needs to be able to understand and then applying different capabilities in different situations. Whether if it’s being reflective, or being able to teach, or skills in photography or writing, or physical abilities etc.

But what really matters out of all the medals is the gold. And in this case, it represents our Emotional Quotient (EQ) and human relations. Simply put, how strong we are in our emotional intelligences (recognising our own emotions, managing our own emotions, reacting to emotions, using emotions to guide us in our thoughts and actions and react or adapt to situations etc.). But that’s only one part. The other part is human relations – which correlates to our EQ, because human relations is how we are able to relate and work with others in different situations (work, projects, conversations, discussion etc.).Β  It’s all the soft skills like teamwork, leadership, negotiation, compromising, partnership, committing etc. Not that we should just have gold medal and forget the rests, but comparing EQ and human relations to the gold medal just shows how important it is, especially in today’s society.

world is your playground

In today’s society, nobody works in silos anymore and it’s almost impossible to work by yourself. Because the world is evolving, with people from all walks of live going places beyond their own countries, beyond their own field of work; which makes the world our playground (for work and travel). Even people who work from home will need to be able to relate to clients and communicate with external parties for whatever their business may be. But with all the ‘medals’ for life, there was something that is our trump card; and that is our philosophy and world views. Regardless of what we do, we are grounded by our own philosophy, beliefs and values, because it then shows in the way we relate to others, the way we treat assignments/project/work/event tasked to us, and it shows how we react to situations or what sort of working conditions we prefer or adapt to. That, I do agree, is our trump card because one can have a solid academic result slip, a whole list of capabilities, and being able to work with multiple people; but if one does not know oneself and what is one’s own beliefs and philosophy; then how can one be sure that one will be able to utilise 100% of what one has into projects that one is involved in? How can then one be sure of the direction to take, if it’s somewhere one wants to go, or being pushed to go without having a say?


It was a rather impactful 30 seconds within that few minutes worth of video because of how much it makes sense – Begin with working and aiming in Academics, then work on one’s Capabilities (hard skills), develop one’s EQ and Human Relations (soft skills) but at the same time being grounded and guided by one’s Philosophy.

And I hope that the takeaway of my students from the video would be impactful as they start (or continue) to think about how to work through group assignments with different people in their class, in their groups, in their CCAs as they continue on to venture into their Poly life, and then eventually, into Life~Β  πŸ™‚


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